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We use the highest level of quality with our zippers. The Q-Jeans® system consists of two solid 8 mm zippers, a horizontal under the waistband/belt and a long one, going from front to back through the crouch. Thus the Q-Jeans® can be partly or completely opened without having to undress. The non covered Q-Jeans® zipper system signals an aggressive design with ease of operation – even for left-handed people.

Q-Jeans Reißverschluss

YKK Zipper selection for the Q-Jeans® system

We have selected extremely strong 8 mm wide metal YKK Zippers for our Jeans products. The chain is ground and polished, the teeth have no sharp edges which would damage leather seats or else. The Outback series carries massive 8 mm spiral zippers, the ones in the outback extreme have a water-repellent coating outside additionally.

With the Taylor Made Q-Jeans® may have zippers in contrast colours, which multiplies the visual sensation.

YKK Zipper

The waistband lock

At first you close the waistband with a hook, then you secure it with a button. This allows for quick and secure opening and closing. The YKK-buttons are the built to last forever.

All Zippers of the Q-Jeans® System are solidly covered inside. The cover is tough enough, that cannot cannot be drawn into the slider und cannot fold to the side, but soft enough so that you don’t feel it.

YKK Zipper

The pocket systems

We have paid extra attention to the pockets of our pants. The front pockets are designed in a way, that you don’t lose the contents on the sofa during your lunch nap.

The cargo pockets have additional inside pockets for knifes multitools, pocket lamps etc. for quick access. The left cargo pocket additionally has a dedicated pocket with vertical zipper for mobile phones. Thus it is always quickly at hands while seating, standing or lying down, but radiation is out of the way from organs.

YKK Zipper

Well thought out Zipp-off system

The lower legs of the pants can be taken off without having to take of the boots. The solution is a vertical zipper that splits the lower legs open.

YKK Zipper

The Marker

Our proprietary red-green marker lets you signal that you are available or not, just like the bavarian girls do it with the ribbon of their Dirndl, wearing it on the left or right side.

YKK Zipper